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Increase Office Productivity

Wondering how to increase productivity in your office or workplace? How to keep minds focussed on the job and not on Facebook?

Well, the New York Times recently ran an article on the Scientific 7 Minute Workout and pointed out the immense benefits of a power gym session. Don’t have time for exercise? Think again!

7 minutes of stress bustin' moves

Getting active has an amazing effect on our happiness and general disposition, and in the book The Happiness Advantage by Shawn Achor, he cites a study which proves it’s an effective way to alleviate depression.

Our first thought on exercise is that it should be used to help lose weight but there are greater self-image benefits to be had by releasing proteins and endorphins that flood our brain, making us feel superhuman!

Exercise in the Workplace

Sure, keeping our bodies in a good state of repair makes sense in anyone's book but it's the period shortly after exercise where our bodies are fizzing with endorphins and adrenaline that lends itself to intense concentration - the mindset changes and we're able to really focus on the task at hand. Wouldn't you rather tap into your employee's inner strength immediately after a lunchtime workout?

It's a far better policy than expecting peak performance some 4 hours after they've hit the gym between waking and breakfast, or in the evening.

And whilst you're hatching this dastardly plan to turn your people into spreadsheet crunching cyborgs...utilse the opportunity to kit them out with some branded tshirt sportswear - the dividends in group culture and identity are imeasurable! 

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