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Frequently asked questions when buying T Shirts? :


‘IS THAT YOUR BEST COST?’ : Yes!, we only sell quality shirts and they can cost more than cheaper non-brand ones.  If you want a longer lasting promo your shirts may cost a few cents more but they will provide you better value-for-money.


'CAN YOU HELP WITH LOGOS AND ART?' : Youbetya.We have graphic artists ready and waiting to make the order process easy and straightforward!  Better art makes for better promotions and that is our focus here at TShirtPromotions.com.au


'HOW FAST CAN I HAVE MY BRANDED T SHIRTS?' : We are volume suppliers so therefore have fast production times.  Tell us where you want your Logo Branded T Shirts and when and we will make it happen if it's possible.  We dispatch from Brisbane, Melbourne and Sydney to customers all over Australia.


'ARE YOUR T SHIRTS GOOD QUALITY?' :  If you want the lowest cost Tee Shirts that deliver poor, short term promos we are not for you.  Our cshirts are from premium brands and are made to the highest standards.  Ask for samples to see the difference.


'CUSTOMER CARE AS STANDARD' : We will assign you a dedicated account manager to make your promotion run smoothly from start to finish.  The buck stops with them and they will ensure you receive great customer service.


If you have any questions please call us at anytime:

The TShirtPromotions.com.au Team.