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take a holiday from work

Plan a Getaway and Banish Work Blues

In your role managing the output of your office, the last thing you'd condone is staff browsing flightcentre.com.au and planning their next trip Bali! But studies have found that planning a break can lead to significant benefits for staff and businesses alike...

A recent article in Applied Research in Quality of Life  revealed that actually planning a holiday builds happiness by building anticipation:

The effect of vacation anticipation, boosted happiness for eight weeks!!! That's two months that you can expect a higher level of staff attention and concentration.

Happy Staff, Happy Life

Not all of us have the personal finance or freedom to get down to the coast for the weekend, let alone jet off to far flung places for a fortnight, so how else could your staff promote their inner happiness?

It's not only about getting away, it's planning an event where you connect with others and your inner self. Shawn Achor, author of The Happiness Advantage writes:

"people who just thought about watching their favourite movie actually raisied their endorphin levels by 27%"

So, the message is clear....encouraging staff to take time out away from work can produce greater levels of personal happiness which translates to a more positive attitude while at work. Asking someone their plans for the weekend or vacation is an excellent way to start the process, as is designating 15 minutes of holiday research time online after lunch, today...

Sound crazy? Perhaps crazy NOT to!

One of our customers had this thought in mind when she ordered branded backpacks. She figured that encouraging her staff to make clean breaks from the city at the weekend, to reconnect with their family at the beach, the forest, the river was a smart move, not just in the doing but the planning!

And the branding message? "XXXX Demolitions - a blast on and off the job!" 

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