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Sleep and Workplace Productivity

Without sleep, we all fail dismally throughout the day – just ask any parent of a newborn, todder, tween, teen and pub-going-live-at-home-20-something! So it’s important we get enough shut eye and quality shut eye.

That’s drummed into us from an early age yet how many of us in business realise sleep (or lack of it) has a direct effect on our mood and that of our staff throughout the day? 

Are your staff sufferring from sleep deprivation?

A study by Ohio State University draws links between a crappy night’s sleep and how it affects our mood in the morning: "employees’ moods when they clocked in tended to affect how they felt for the rest of the day….linked to their perceptions of customers".

As a manager or owner of your company, that must concern you. The relationship between your staff and customers/clients is key to most organisation’s success. The study went on to conclude: "employee mood had a clear impact on performance, including both how much employees did and how well they did it".

Business Wears the Cost

For businesses, it’s a hard nut to crack; sleep time in our western society is usually confined to personal time, and that’s something we have little influence over aside from coming down heavy on staff to manage their personal time better – and that usually goes down like a cup of cold sick.

Get inventive

Flexible working arrangements can help you achieve this with our staff – starting work after the rush allows them to extend their wake up time so they get their full 8 hours in the knowledge they won’t have to fight traffic for an hour and a half….then face the same exhausting ordeal at 5pm!  Another solution which is gaining traction is offices where staff can Siesta (not to be confused with “fiesta”…) during the afternoon which is not a new concept in hot climes… oh, hold on, we actually do have a hot climate…

And while you’re planning that new solution to abolish low staff morale in the afternoon, consider how you might reinforce it with a sleeping T Shirt – short or long sleeved depending on your state, they’re a great way to point out some of the advantages of getting a great sleep – one bit of advice, print back-to-front to be read in the bathroom mirror!

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