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man wearing shirt in office

Turn Down the Heat at Work

There's a definate correlation between temparature and office output but at which temparature do we function best?

The US Met Society  ran a study concluding happiness peaks at 13.9C - not practical for indoors nor sitting on a chilly balcony pre-dawn! Neveretheless, a walk through the park for 20 minutes as the day warms up could not only promote sharper, more productive staff but a happier lot at that! 

It all begins at 13.9C

Our own research has found that at 13.9C, the ultimate flexible items of promotional clothing are Team Hype Hoodies. They're sweatshirts with a full length zipper and big central pocket, and available in many sizes and colours. Not only can we brand them with your company logo or brand message, they're a fantastic way to help galvanise a "happy" walking group as you blast through the 14C barrier!  

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