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Walk your way to a Successful Business

You feel exercise is something you can’t fit into your busy day.  After dropping the kids off at school, rushing into the office and trying desperately hard to appear cool under pressure for 7.5 hours,  then heading home via the supermarket before transforming into a domestic God or Goddess in the kitchen, supervising homework, evening sport for others, then flopping on the couch to watch meaningless TV. 

Been there, are there, don’t want to go there?

It’s not an enjoyable state of being. Many aspects of your day are simply unavoidable, others can be adapted to benefit you and the other staff in your office or place of work.

Exercise does have a profound effect on our happiness and state of well-being, that’s 101 from Kinder to where you are now so perhaps you can find the time after all…..

We hear of how smart folk work smarter, not harder… it’s an attractive idea. The secret, it seems is in devising ways to combine your personal goals with that of your employer or boss – how to build a business case that benefits everyone. And one answer is to start a walking group.

20 minutes is all it takes!

20 minutes of walking is all it takes to release the proteins and endorphins that make us feel happier, as shown in the graphic below.












There is a strong link between happiness and increased productivity, and the easiest way to achieve this is through exercise.

Another opportunity to be leveraged off is team building.

Build your Team and Network 

At T Shirt Promotions, we’ve noticed savvy businesses are creating their own walking groups and galvanising that initiative with an order of printed t shirts celebrating their daily event. 

One pain point I experienced in the past was watching less qualified staff join our boss for a cigarette outside, huddling in the cold or shade, talking shop; creating alliances, forging plans. Those days of smoko are becoming obscelete and the new networking tool is Walking and Talking – implement it today! 

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