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Work to Live 09/06/2016

children playing in a wheelbarrow

Work should be a means to an end...and as an employer, your focus should be on
making sure staff know what's important in life!...read more


Exercise your Bottom (line) 27/05/2016

man exercising at work

Wondering how to increase productivity in your office or workplace? How to keep minds focussed on the job and
not on Facebook? It's an age-old dillema...until now...read more


Smile - it's in your Job Description! 25/04/2016

Why is forcing a smile, when feeling "happy" is the last thing on our minds, matter?
Learn how "faking it till you make it" is an important business strategy! ...read more


Sleep More and Dazzle in the Office 19/03/2016

How does lack of sleep affect your employee's productivity? It's an activity that happens during their own time
which affects your business - how can you help manage that better?...read more


Plan a Getaway! 14/02/2016

In your role managing the output of your office, the last thing you'd condone is staff browsing flightcentre.com.au
and planning their next trip Bali! But studies have found that planning a break can lead to...read more


Happiness in the Great Outdoors 16/01/2016

Recently the Herald Sun ran a feature about working outdoors, and not just for the obvious trades and professions
but for each and every one of us. So, what are the benefits of moving the fax and photocopier into the open?...read more



Turn Down the Heat 21/12/2015

There's a definate correlation between temperature and office output but at which heat do we function best?
Find out which temperature promotes ideas and productivity at work...read more



Walk your way to a Successful Business 18/11/2015

There is a strong link between happiness and increased productivity, and the easiest way to achieve this is
through exercise but how much and how long should you do it for? And what about...y'know, work?...read more